Josh and Kayla Jones



Josh and I founded Gray House Design Company in 2018 with the sole focus on home and all that it encompasses. The business concept was born purely out of a desire to work together as a husband and wife team using the talents that God gave us both. With encouragement from each other we founded Gray House Design Company, a business for our creative outlets that focuses on inspiration for home, family and life. We live in Charleston, SC and have 4 boys, with a 14 year age gap between our oldest and our youngest. Our life is far from dull or quiet.

What's the story behind the name Gray House Design Co......Well we live in a Gray House, simple as that! Our family of 6 built our home in 2017 and have been putting our own unique touch on each room, one project at a time. My goal for this brand is to encompass all things that make up a home and business; passion, life, creativity and family! On this website you will get a glimpse into Josh's projects and if you follow us on social media you will see that he always has a project in the works. You will also see my art that allows me to have a creative outlet while raising our 4 boys.

Thank you for taking the time to look through our site, I hope that you feel inspired! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to us. 


Kayla Jones

Joshua Jones


Owner - Carpenter - Designer

Joshua is a Kansas native and father of 4. He is an engineer by day and carpenter/designer/home renovation guru by night. Joshua has a degree in Residential Planning from the Art Institute, a certificate from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Complex System Architecture & Model Based Systems Engineering and is currently continuing his education in organizational management from Charleston Southern University. Joshua is a licensed Specialty Contractor in the state of South Carolina.

What Joshua Does

  • Spacial Design & Planning

  • Architectural Renderings

  • Handcrafted Wood Furniture, Cabinetry & Millwork

  • Home Renovations

Kayla Jones


Owner - Designer - Artist

Kayla, Josh’s wife and mother of 4 has been a designer for over a decade and has a true passion for art and design. She has a degree in graphic design from The Art Institute and is currently continuing her education in Interior Design.

What Kayla Does

  • Architectural Renderings

  • Interior Design and Planning

  • Graphic Design

  • Custom Artwork

  • Professional Commercial Photography