Interior Design



Often times home owners have a hard time visualizing what their space could become and want to create a space that is up to date while being budget friendly. This is where we step in. Hiring our team is a beneficial decision for those who value the design service that we provide. We will work with you to make your visions a reality.


  • Understanding and listening to your needs and wants for your space.

  • Designing a space that is up to date and aesthetic with your style

  • Creative problem solving - We look at the space as a whole and try to give you creative solutions for your specific needs.

  • Smart selections - Choosing selections and finishes for the long term while being sensitive to your family needs. Our goal is to create a cohesive feel throughout your home.

  • Project Management - The ability to manage the job from start to finish if you so wish.

Why hire us?





Our team will meet with you during this consultation time to review your space, taking measurements, photos and note existing inventory. This time is designed to get to know you and your space. We will ask questions and take notes on what you desire for your space. If you do not live in the Charleston, SC area we will set up a time to meet virtually either by Skype or FaceTime. If you do not live in the Charleston area we will ask for detailed photos of your space.


After the initial consultation is complete our team will discus the best package that would suit your needs. A contract will be presented before the design work will begin. This protects both the home owner and the designer.


Once the contract is signed the design process begins. Our team will create a full design concept and presentation for your home. This part includes sourcing all items that encompasses the design, concept boards, spacial planning, renderings and detailed lists of items will be presented in this presentation.

The virtual design presentation is complete with .pdf documents for you to review at your pace. This presentation time is when we share the items that we have selected for each space within the outlined contract. We view concept boards as a conversation starter, a time for you to review the items and give us feedback on what you love and what you want to see changed. Just because we present a item for you doesn’t mean that you are stuck with it. We offer and welcome feedback!


Our team makes the appropriate revisions based on our clients feedback during the presentation time. We want you to love your space and the new finishes for your home, therefor we will work together to accomplish this.


The Virtual Design program allows for a budget friendly approach to creating a custom designed interior. This means that you are in charge of ordering and installing the selected items from your design package. However, some clients feel that this is a task that they would prefer to pass along to the experts. For an additional fee our team will project manage the design which includes: overseeing ordering, shipping, inspections, and installations of all proposed design elements. If you feel that this is an option you would like to add on simply start that conversation with us during your consultation.

*Please note that this option is only for Charleston, SC area residents